Does It Matter If You And Your Doctor Get Along?

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While this may seem a stupid question, the reality is that it needs to be answered.

Whenever you need to schedule an appointment with a doctor, a lot of people only tend to look at the doctors who are not only available in their area but who are also taking new patients. However, this approach may not leave you with a lot of options.

One of the things that most people keep in mind is that they need to be treated well by the doctor. The truth is that it is already hard for them to get an appointment. So, the least the doctor can do is to be nice and pleasant. However, this hardly ever occurs. The truth is that this is just not possible considering that you will only have a 15-minute appointment with the doctor. As you can imagine, even if the doctor wanted, he just can’t get to know his patients, and all your fears, goals, and motivations.

Establishing A Good Communication Patient-Physician

According to this study, which is just one among many with similar conclusions, it is crucial to establish a good relationship between the patient and the physician. After all, communication is key.

When there is a good communication, the patient can freely express how he feels which can help the physician get to a diagnosis sooner.  
Other studies have taken this issue far and they show the link between good patient-physician communication and less anxiety and lower blood pressure on patients. Besides, when the patient is calm, he can better explain to the doctor the symptoms he has been feeling and how everything has happened.

Reasons Why Most Patients Don’t Get Along With Their Doctor

#1: Physicians Interruptions:

One of the things that you may have already noticed when you need to visit a physician is that he is always in a hurry. So, as soon as he asks what is wrong with you and you start answering, he will keep interrupting you every couple of seconds. As a result, you won’t be able to express exactly how you feel as well as the physician won’t realize everything that is going on with you.

#2: Physicians Think The Communicate Well:

If you ask a physician if he has good communications skills, most of them will say yes. However, and according to a survey made by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, near 75% of orthopedic surgeons stated they satisfactory communicate with their patients. However, when the same inquiry was made to the patients, no more than 21% said the communication was satisfactory.

#3: Physicians Don’t Train Communication In Medical School:

One of the main lacks of medical schools is that they don’t train physicians to talk to their patients. While a physician can be incredibly good in terms of diagnosis or treatment recommendations, he needs to be able to communicate properly with their patients. However, the best training most physicians have during school is watching older physicians who, most of the times, completely lack this skill.

#4: Physicians Have A Limited Time:

One of the worst things about our health system is that physicians are rewarded in terms of the number of patients they see and not on the number of patients they actually treat. While it can be fairly easy to see 10 or 15 patients each morning, if the physician is able to clearly listen to one patient it is already a success.