The Importance Of Sticking To A Sleep Schedule

A good sleep schedule is important to every aspect of our lives. And it is the most restorative when you sync it up with the light and dark rhythms of the planet. Usually, melatonin production is suppressed during the day when you are exposed to the sun and bright light. Then at night, its production will increase when the sun goes down and there is no longer much light. This is why humans should sleep from nightfall to dawn.

A regular sleep schedule will help you get the most out of sleep. Sleeping is always good, but when you maintain a good sleep schedule, rather than letting yourself miss out on sleep during the week and then trying to catch up on the weekend. Some of the benefits of sticking with a sleeping schedule include:

It Is Good For Your Heart

A sleep schedule is good for your heart. A study that followed 2,000 adults for six years found that participants who had the most irregular type of sleep schedule, where there was at least a 90-minute gap between their regular sleep times through the week, had double the risk of heart disease. Having inconsistent sleep durations can contribute to heart problems as well. This means that if you can get your sleep schedule on track it can help you feel better and improve your heart health.

Helps Memory

When you miss out on sleep and do not get enough of it during the night, your memory will fail. You may struggle to recall facts and creativity will go through the door. Most people struggle to think about much of anything when they are overly tired. If you need to boost your creativity and you would like to improve your memory, then try to get onto a good sleep schedule to make this easier. You will be amazed at what a few good nights’ of sleep can do.

Improves Your Mood

Irregular sleep is a recipe for being grumpy and in a bad mood. How many times have you stayed up too late in the night and then woke up in the worst mood possible? Teaching your body to go to sleep at a good time and maintaining this each day of the week can help you feel more rested so your mood will be better overall. If you or someone in your home seems to get easily upset, then it may be time to consider a regular sleep schedule.

Keeps You Safe

Missing out on sleep can be dangerous. Your reaction times will not be as fast as before, and it may increase the risk of accidents and other problems. When you maintain a regular sleep schedule, it is much easier for you to stay safe and not get hurt.

Sleeping is important for normal body functions, for a sharp mind, and for feeling our very best. When you are struggling with all of these, take the time to set up your sleep schedule and see what a difference it can make.

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