How to Encourage Your Kids to Be More Physically Active

The benefits of exercise are endless no matter what age you are! Here are some handy tips to help you inspire your children to exercise consistently.

Keep it fun!

Kids are far more likely to do something challenging if it’s still enjoyable. An example of this could be practicing a skill like bike-riding or swimming. While these activities are often strenuous, they can help a child feel a sense of accomplishment.

Also, take time to participate in physical activity alongside your child. Notice his improvement, and voice your approval of him to encourage his interest in the activity.

Bottom line; your child will want to get up and move when physical activity is exciting and rewarding! 

Know your child’s fitness personality

Knowing your child is the best place to start when looking to help them be more physically active. Which of these three fitness personalities sounds like your child? 

  1. The non-athlete – this child has a lack of interest or ability when it comes to physical activities, or possibly a combination of both. He may dislike competitive environments.
  2. The casual athlete – this child is interested in becoming active, but has moderate ability and may become easily discouraged or embarrassed when in competitive environments.
  3. The athlete – this child has athletic ability and extreme commitment to at least one sport. She will be more likely to rise to the challenge in competitive environments.

Know which of these three fitness personalities best fits your child, and go from there. For example, if your child is a casual athlete, find activities that are less competitive that she can participate in and enjoy at her own pace. If your child is a non-athlete, check out these helpful tips for encouraging his interest in exercise.

By understanding your child and keeping things upbeat and exciting, you’ll be able to build healthy habits that will last for years to come!

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