The Most Important Reasons to See a Primary Care Doctor

Young serious doctor in uniform looking at camera while sitting by workplace in front of laptop

What is a primary care doctor?

This is someone that you go to on a regular basis, usually at least once to twice a year for a general checkup and any time in between when you are feeling sick. A primary care physician practices holistic care, meaning that he or she is trained in many areas, so you can get most of your needs met in one central location.

Why do you need to utilize the services of a primary care doctor?

  • Build a relationship: one of the main reasons is simply that a primary care doctor knows you. This is beneficial to you, the patient, in multiple ways. There is a higher level of comfort established when you are going to a doctor that you have been going to for years. You may not feel particularly comfortable with discussing sensitive personal information with someone you do not know. Another benefit to a longstanding relationship with your doctor is that there is a transparency to your medical history, including your family’s medical history. This helps your doctor catch possible conditions early. He or she knows what to ask you, based on your history, and the doctor knows what certain symptoms may mean for you.
  • Visit the ER less often: “patients who are treated by the same primary care doctor on a regular basis go to the emergency room and are hospitalized less frequently than those who bounce between multiple providers, according to new research by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.”  Waiting to address symptoms because a person does not have a primary care physician leads to more frequent and costly hospitalizations. The primary care doctor can catch these symptoms before hospitalization becomes necessary.
  • Receive the best referrals: if you ever need to go to a specialist, your primary care doctor can refer the best one for you personally. He or she will know many people in the industry, and given that your doctor knows your history and symptoms and has a personal relationship with you, he or she will be able to offer the perfect personalized specialist for your needs.

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