How To Stay Happy And Healthy This Fall

This fall, it’s time to live your happiest, healthiest life. Though the days may be darkening, there’s no reason why your spirits shouldn’t stay merry and bright. So keep the autumnal blues at bay, and read on to discover 5 ways to stay happy and healthy this fall. 

1. Keep On The Move

Cold weather makes it easy to become a couch potato, but the long-term repercussions make it vital to stay active. Challenge yourself to keep up your fitness routine and get in at least thirty minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each day. Find motivation in the autumnal beauty of the outdoors, and run, hike, or cycle if the weather permits. If it doesn’t, stay indoors and work out in the warmth and comfort of your home. 

2. Invest In A Sun Lamp

As the days grow shorter and darker, it’s easy to sink into feelings of fatigue, sadness, and sluggishness. One way to beat the slump is by getting a sun lamp. Also known as a light therapy box, sun lamps use bright light therapy to make up for those missing hours of sunlight. The light helps increase your levels of key chemicals like serotonin and melatonin, which can have a positive effect on your mood and the quality of your sleep. Sun lamps are effective at treating seasonal affective disorder, depression, and some sleep disorders. 

3. Load up on Vitamin D

With the dwindling of sunlight, the body loses its main source of Vitamin D. This key nutrient is responsible for keeping bones and teeth healthy, and it also offers protection against diseases. Without sufficient Vitamin D, you may start to experience regular bouts of sickness or infection, fatigue, low mood, and slower wound healing. To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, simply take a Vitamin D supplement or start eating Vitamin D-rich foods like milk, tuna, salmon, or cod liver oil. 

4. Get Your Flu Shot

Don’t forget to drop by your local pharmacist and get your flu shot. And while you’re at it, get your yearly check-up, too! These preventative measures are worth the time out of your day and will save you loads of stress and discomfort down the road. Don’t let the flu put a damper on your autumn and go get your shot, ideally before the end of October. 

5. Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Drinking water is second nature in summer, but it can be a bit harder to remember in the heart of fall and winter. Even if it’s not immediately evident, though, the body can lose just as much fluid in cold weather. Burning through energy at faster rates and wearing heavy clothing can take its toll on your fluid levels, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Embrace hot and healthy beverages like green tea, ginger tea, and hot chocolate. Keep warm with hearty hydrators like tomato soup and oatmeal. You can also fill up on water-rich fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, cantaloupe, celery, and zucchini. 

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