How to Cope When Life Seems Hard

We have all been there. Life isn’t always easy. So how do we respond and cope in a healthy and hopeful way when we’re feeling the weight of it all?

What Steps Should I Take to Cope?

  • Acknowledge there is a problem: If you’re being treated badly by someone, call it like it is. Tell someone about your situation. If you’re doing too much, take charge and let go of a few things in order to focus on your health and wellbeing.
  • Examine your feelings: Are you putting tons of needless pressure on yourself? If you’ve been bogged down by perfection and over-commitment, find ways to let things go or ask for help from someone who can handle one or two things you’ve piled on. You’re only human.
  • Get enough sleep: When we’re stressed, sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice. Yet it is one of the most necessary things in our daily routine. Taking steps to avoid loss of sleep can actually help us not just cope, but actually learn to thrive in the midst of busyness and struggle. (Tip: putting electronics away before bedtime helps your mind and body prepare to sleep, encouraging healthy sleep cycles and emptying your mind of needless worry.)
  • Ask for help!: Millions suffer from depression and anxiety, but few seek out life-changing treatment to cope. Be one of the few who do! Your physical and mental health are both vital. If you believe you are in need of immediate help, contact one of the hotlines below:

You’re Not Alone

Stress and hardship are not just things we deal with, they are often dangerous. So know you aren’t alone. Don’t stop trying, and don’t give up on yourself. Focus on self-care, and reach out if you feel you need professional help.

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