Two surprising foods that can decrease brain function

Proper brain function is a vital part of everyday life. So if you’re looking to escape a cognitive catastrophe and snag some health benefits while you’re at it, here are two foods to avoid.


Do you usually enjoy a bagel with your morning coffee? Consider this: The complex carbohydrates and processed sugars found in bagels actually harm your body by introducing a surge of glucose into your bloodstream. This glucose spike can undermine your brain’s processing ability. Try to exchange breakfast bread and pastries for steel-cut oats and your brain will thank you!

Rib-Eye Steak

Dieticians recommend pairing your carbohydrate intake with protein to boost your brain function, but a juicy steak does quite the opposite. While a rib-eye can be tasty, it is full of saturated fat. Some fats promote cognitive function, but health experts have confirmed a link between saturated fat and poor memory. This means you should steer clear of foods containing large quantities of animal fat, like butter and most red meats. Try choosing salmon over rib-eye next time!

At Gardendale Primary Care, your overall health is important to us. Start avoiding these two foods, and you’ll be on your way to better cognitive health!