Does Detoxing Work? Is it Healthy?


Detoxing diets are incredibly popular these days but do they actually work? Also, are they even healthy? Let’s take a look!

A detoxing diet claims to flush toxins from your system, which sounds great, but most detox diets are a risk to your health, depending on the particular detox diet.

Some detox diets require fasting and eating only certain foods (like fruits and vegetables). They only last a few days because your body would not be able to cope in the long run on such a restricted diet.

When you are on a detox diet, it is probable that you will feel weak and hungry. This is due to low blood sugar which can also cause low energy levels, nausea, lightheadedness, fatigue, muscle aches, and the list goes on! In addition, you may soon become bored with the restricted amount of foods and drink you are allowed to consume.

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but you may not feel up to it when on a detox diet. Not exercising is not necessarily harmful but if you go without regular exercise for an extended period, this can affect your health.

Although a detox diet can help you to lose weight quickly, you will probably gain the weight right back when you resume your normal eating habits.

Your body is an expert at detoxing itself and does not need help to rid itself of toxins through diet. Despite popular opinion, toxins do not build up in your kidneys or liver and you certainly will not get rid of them through a detox diet. Additionally, detox diets that call for supplements or cleansing agents, can actually harm your liver and should be best avoided!

So, what is the bottom line? Well, if you really want to be healthy and lose weight, see your doctor about a healthy diet plan that involves regular exercise and nourishing food!