Do You Need a Mental Health Day?

mental health
Mental health concept. Young woman having depression on sofa at home. Lonely millennial lady feeling hopeless or melancholic, having relationship problem or nervous breakdown

If you are among the 48% of Americans who consider themselves a workaholic, you may be refusing to take a day off for your mental health. You may not like taking a day off from work, but it can be very beneficial for your mind to take a break and relax. So, do YOU need a mental health day?

When should you take a day off?

Giving yourself a free day because of stress can be a huge relief or a major issue at work. If you have a large upcoming project, maybe re-schedule a mental health day on a day where you’re not needed as much. However, if you’re feeling extreme anxiety or apathy, it might be time to think about scheduling a day for self-care that does not involve being slumped over and staring at deadlines. Make sure you choose a day where your absence does not affect your work.

How does it help?

Taking a day off can be helpful in several ways;It can make you more productive, refocused, and attentive. But there are also physical health benefits to giving yourself time to relax and de-stress. Since stress is a major contributor to heart attacks, strokes, and mental illnesses–a day off could be a positive move for your overall health.

How to spend your Mental health day?

Spend your mental health day doing what makes you feel good! It’s okay to spend an hour or so in front of Hulu or Netflix, but really engage in a few de-stressing activities such as yoga, exercise, or reading, to name a few.

Don’t expect all of your symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression to subside in one sitting. However, after a day of de-stressing, you should feel a little relief. If your symptoms don’t go away or worsen, make sure you consult your doctor to make sure there are no further issues. Enjoy your day off, you’ve earned it!