Foods That Will Help Boost Your Memory

What we consume plays an important role in increasing our brain function, memory, and concentration. Various foods and supplements that will help you boost your memory are: Omega-3 is a huge [...]

How to Stay Healthy Throughout the Winter Season

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Coronavirus, Social Distancing, and Self Quarantine

What is social distancing? Social distancing is the practice of deliberately placing physical space between people. It is recommended that people stay at least six feet from each other to avoid [...]

COVID-19: your questions answered

Q: What is the coronavirus (COVID-19)? A: Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease that spreads from person to person. This virus was discovered while an outbreak in Wuhan, China, was [...]

5 Ways to Combat the Flu This Flu Season

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Management of Hypertension and Heart Disease In Cold Weather

Hypertension And Heart Disease in Cold Weather Damp and cold Alabama winters can be troublesome if you have heart disease or hypertension. Cold weather can worsen symptoms by causing an increase [...]

Is Cold Weather Making You Ache? How To Alleviate Arthritis In The Winter

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Freezing Temperatures Might be Making Your Asthma Worse

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Going Keto? Let’s Look At the Science Behind the Diet

You’ve more than likely heard about the ketogenic diet. From celebrities to influencers, everybody is getting behind the keto-craze as they say keto to help in everything from acne to cancer. [...]