Ways To Boost Your Immunity Before You Get Sick



You are what you eat! These days, junk food has overpowered the generation. Sometimes you notice that you’ve finished a huge bag of chips without even registering it. You eat subconsciously; this is where you need to pay attention. Eating and not even realizing it is a bad habit that can prove very unhealthy.

A perfectly balanced diet comprises all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, saturated, unsaturated, and poly saturated fats. If you’re regularly staying hydrated, you can help your body to flush out unneeded toxins. But if you stick to a diet of fast food and soda, then you are surely prone to the risk of increasing your cholesterol levels by consumption of trans fats. 

Diet and your immune system

Your immune system gets a boost from the stomach; a healthy immune system needs a well-nourished diet to carry out providing immunity to an individual. There are certain known benefits of a diet full of greens, lean meats, and vegetables. Instead of consuming dietary supplements later on in life, why not give your body a healthy start? Instead of fueling it with junk, you can think about providing it with cancer-fighting and anti-aging healthy foods.

There is also a deep relation between the state of your mind and your body. Emotional stress or workload can have a heavy impact on your mental state, resulting in an overall unhealthy state. Your brain is the main networking center of your whole body and if the brain is in stress, then it will be difficult for the whole body to keep up with it. 

What can be done to boost the immunity and reduce stress?

Here are a few tips to help you boost your immunity:

  • Eat a rich diet namely, one with leafy greens, calcium, and Omega-3s.
  • Avoid junk food, ie; preservatives, added sugar, natural flavors, etc.
  • Exercise
  • Do not smoke (Try quitting if you already do)
  • Avoid consuming alcohol; if you already do, then make sure it is in very moderate amount.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Try avoiding stress and reducing it by indulging in recreational activities such as yoga and deep breathing.