5 Ways to Combat the Flu This Flu Season

The season has just changed and with the change in weather, many of you might be experiencing symptoms of a flu virus. Flu is one of the most common diseases in people all over the world. The CDC data of 2017-18 shows that 49 million people reported about catching the flu. Considering the fact that these are just reported figures and many people don’t even report such an occurrence, this number is pretty alarming.
Flu is not desirable in any case for anyone and proves to be irritating for all age groups. The flu virus makes you unwell and turns you into a source to spread the virus to your surroundings, which is not good. You need to take measures to control your flu, for your well-being and that of others. Let’s have a look at the 5 most effective ways to combat the flu this flu season.

Get a Flu Shot

Over time, improved and protective vaccines have been developed for all kinds of individuals, whether old or young, whether pregnant or having any kind of chronic disease. However, some people need to be cautious about flu shots. It’s best to contact your primary care physician to see if a flu shot is right for you this flu season.

Children and the Elderly Are at Risk

As earlier discussed, flu vaccines are present for all age groups and all types of people in different conditions. However, different types of flu vaccines are available for different age groups. The flu vaccines are too early to be used by children under 6 months whereas children above 6 months and 4 years, adults 50-year plus, people with chronic pulmonary disorders, pregnant women, high BMI people, people who work in poor conditions and people experiencing aspirin therapy should get a vaccine during the flu season.

Use an Antiviral

You can stop the flu from getting severe and avoid any complication during flu season by taking antiviral drugs. There is no need for treatment if the situation is under control. Doctors mainly recommend taking an antiviral before symptoms worsen, to minimize the duration of the virus.

Maintenance of immune system in this heavy flu season:

Your immune system is the most important part of your body, which protects your body from various infections. We should keep our body and immune system healthy by eating healthy food. Many diseases like allergies, asthma, etc. impact how well the immune system is working.

Say No to Smoking

Smoking is one of the main sources of many diseases. Smoking leaves its fastest impact on the human body and has a quicker response to viruses. A smoker is more likely to have a severe flu attack than a non-smoker because their immune system is very weak. It is a very clear point that smokers have a higher level of tissue damage and they are unable to fight with a flu virus.

This flu season doesn’t have to be a hard one. If you’re looking to combat the flu, make sure you stock up on plenty of supplements to boost your immune system and protect you from disease. And remember, always wash your hands!