3 Tell-Tale Signs of Diabetes

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Learn a few early signs of diabetes to look out for.

1. Increased thirst (dry mouth)

High blood sugar can cause frequent urination, which in turn causes dehydration. You may feel like you have an excessively dry mouth, or you may simply be thirsty no matter how much water you drink. Either way, these are well-known symptoms of high blood sugar and shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Slow healing

If wounds on your skin seem to take forever to heal, you may be showing early signs of diabetes. High blood sugar levels can cause your immune system to suffer, weakening its defenses against infection. This, combined with the slower circulation caused by high blood sugar, can make healing even small scrapes a difficult task.

3. Blurred vision

One of the earliest warning signs of diabetes is blurred vision. High blood sugar levels can make it difficult for your eyes to focus. Though blurring may resolve itself naturally over time, it is still vital that you discuss this symptom with your doctor, whether it is persistent or not.

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