3 Brain Boosting Superfoods

Food: the brain’s fuel. Did you know that the kinds of food you consume are directly linked to the quality of your brain function? Here are three superfoods that are considered premium brain fuel, and why.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil provides your brain with an extremely clean source of fuel. It has a number of health benefits and has been said to prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. So replacing butter and vegetable oil with coconut oil is one practical way you can better your brain health this week!


Blueberries pack an antioxidant-rich punch, providing a long list of physical and mental health benefits. In fact, studies have shown a direct link between blueberries and enhanced cognition and memory. Add fresh blueberries to your breakfast cereal this week or purchase them dried and create your own berry-nut trail mix!


Your brain is wired to prefer healthy proteins and fatty acids, both of which are found in salmon. The brain is primarily made up of fatty acids, and it is incapable of producing these on its own. So enjoy a brain-friendly treat this weekend and grill salmon instead of steak!

The term, “you are what you eat,” has never been truer. Prioritize these brain-boosting superfoods and improve your overall mental and physical health for years to come!